Marking Milestones for 2022

That’s right listeners, by popular demand, your favourite outsourcing podcast is helping you to prepare for 2022. The global outsourcing pharma and biotech market has changed exponentially over the past two years. So, how is the market changing? How have recent trends developed and what should you be prepared for ahead of next year?

Molecule to Market will be interviewing some of the industry’s leading professionals to understand what to focus on, where to play and top tips from those at the forefront of the sector.

As a member of our podcast community, we’re inviting you to tune into our special episodes and take a look at the trending conversation themes – all as we enter into 2022.

So, what’s to come…?

In the next few months of Molecule to Market, we’ll be diving into sector trends and looking ahead to get you tuned into 2022. We’ll be welcoming previous guests (as well as new ones) and delving into the conversations that matter to you.

Get set for 2022 with our spotlight on…

  • M&A activity: Hear from investors, CDMOs and biotech and discover how M&A will shape the global outsourcing market in 2022
  • Diversity in pharma: Where are we? How will we get to a more diverse workforce?
  • The global Cell & Gene Therapy space: Who and what to watch ahead of 2022
  • Localisation vs globalisation: The pros & cons
  • Marketing Milestones for 2022: Key trends, tips and ones to watch

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