So you want to be a guest?

Busy professionals working in the pharma/bio outsourcing space find it tricky to make time to dive deeper into the sector and that’s where the podcast comes in – industry insight from industry influencers – on the go! We pride ourselves on our high caliber of guests, each with incredible expertise and experiences to share. Our aim is to not only market Molecule to Market itself, but to position you and your company as leaders in the field.

Here’s a handy guide to talk you through the process…

Let’s get to know you

Your episode is all about you – we start by having a quick call to discuss your priorities and agree the topics to discuss during the recording.

Recording in 3, 2, 1…

You’ll then book some time in with host, Raman (approx 60 mins) and receive a calendar invite with the link to record. All you need to do is ensure that your laptop and microphone works (a headset is preferred for sound quality). No need for any fancy recording equipment, unless you have it and want to use it. The podcast is audio only so don’t worry about getting dressed up for the occasion! The episodes broadly cover;

  • You/ your background to where you are today
  • Some discussion about your roles/experience
  • Advice/tips/lessons
  • Insights/ specific areas of expertise/trends
  • Anything you want to promote

Time to edit

Once your episode is recorded, it will be whisked off to our editor to cut out any ‘erms’ and ‘uhms’ and add the elements that make it a finished episode. A copy of the first draft will be sent for you to listen to and episodes only go out when you have given us your approval – you are in full control. As soon as you’re happy, we will schedule the go-live date.

And it’s live!

Your episodes will be pushed out across all the major (and minor!) platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Podbean and more. With our download numbers growing fast, your voice will soon be emanating from hundreds of devices across the world. Every guest has their own page on our website, where listeners can find out more about you, explore your expertise and get the run-down of your episode. Your episodes will be shared across our social media and in an email mailout to hundreds of industry contacts. We’ll also provide you with an asset pack to share your episode on your own social media, which boosts engagement for your episode and increases your profile.