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  • Episode 166

    Celebrating female talent in life sciences

    Highlights episode

    / International Women's Day series

    Spotlighting the best of our International Women’s Day series, we go inside the outsourcing space covering M&A, COVID-19 & career progression.

  • Episode 165

    The power of peptides

    Alastair Hay

    / Almac Sciences

    Almac Group’s VP of Peptides, Alastair Hay, recently discussed how the company capitalized on early entry into the peptide market.

  • Episode 164

    From Pfizer to CDMO carve-out

    Brett Alderson

    / NovaCina

    Discover NovaCina’s commercial capabilities under Brett Alderson’s leadership, including production capacity and clinical offerings.

  • Episode 163

    One-hour special: Meet the next big thing in obesity

    Arvid Söderhall

    / Empros Pharma

    Arvid Söderhall, CEO at Empros Pharma recently joined the podcast to discuss the ins and outs of his CDMO’s complementary drug for GLP-1.

  • Episode 162

    M&A Roundtable and 2024 Predictions

    Sabina Ouimet-Storrs, James West & Derek Hennecke

    / GHO Capital Partners, Lincoln International, Life Sciences Board Member & Investor

    Featuring guests from GHO Capital, Lincoln International and independent consultancy discussing M&A trends and predictions for 2024.

  • Episode 161

    Transforming a family pharma firm

    Elisabeth Stampa

    / Medicines for Europe

    Elisabeth Stampa, from Medicines for Europe & Medichem, recently joined the podcast to discuss, why flexibility is key for building a multinational CDMO…

  • Episode 160

    From MassBio… to the world

    Kendalle Burlin O'Connell

    / MassBio

    Kendalle O’Connell CEO & President of MassBio joined the podcast to discuss how it isn’t always a linear journey to the top of the life sciences chain…

  • Episode 159

    From banking to biotech

    Audrey Greenberg

    / SK Pharmteco

    Audrey Greenberg discusses ‘Cellicon Valley’ and why it is becoming a hub for the life sciences industry on the East Coast.

  • Episode 158

    Dealing with downturns… and the menopause.

    Denise Bowser

    / Onyx Scientific

    Denise Bowser, Co-founder & Commercial Director of Onyx Scientific joined the podcast to give a lesson in the art of CDMO M&A and much more…

  • Episode 157

    The dealmaker now redefining commercialization

    Dominic Marasco

    / Envision Pharma Group

    Dominic Marasco, CCO at Envision Pharma Group, joined to talk about the importance of the commercialization of AI in the life sciences sector

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