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Peruse previous podcasts and tune into the people and topics that spark your interest. Each episode offers a brief synopsis to help you select the conversation that best fits your schedule. With most episodes lasting around 40 minutes you can scan the sector and listen to leaders while you commute, exercise or grocery shop. Select your shot of infotainment.

  • Episode 111

    From AZ to CRO Founder

    Paul Dickinson

    / Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services

    Paul Dickinson talks about how to master fast development programs, identifying poorly served niches in the CDMO/CRO space, and more.

  • Episode 110

    The iterative nature of emerging therapeutics

    Jennifer Chadwick

    / ProtaGene

    Jennifer Chadwick joins us to talk about theraputic drugs, cell & gene therapy, risk-based assessment in early-stage drug development, & more

  • Episode 109

    Think Star Trek, Think Smart Labs

    Henal Shah

    / Cognizant

    Listen to Henal Shah discuss life science industry trends, smart labs of the future, digital transformation, and more.

  • Episode 108

    Founding and selling three bio CDMOs – part 2

    Mark Bamforth

    / Entrepreneur, Mentor, life sciences Investor

    Listen to part 2 of our conversation with Mark Bamforth, talking about tips for investors, his ability to spot industry trends, and more.

  • Episode 107

    Founding and selling three bio CDMOs – Part 1

    Mark Bamforth

    / Entrepreneur, Mentor, life sciences Investor

    Mark joins to discuss his journey from oil barrels to biotechs, his experience of raising capital for a self-funded CDMO, and more.

  • Episode 106

    Network like a pro

    Network like a pro

    / Raman Sehgal

    Hear Raman’s top tips on getting the most out of the upcoming events season, with advice on networking and growing your connections.

  • Episode 105

    Diversity in life sciences


    / A lookback episode

    This week’s episode brings industry leaders together to talk about equality, diversity and inclusion in the contract pharma and biotech sector.

  • Episode 104

    The CDMO CEO on the frontline of a Covid mission

    Tom Ross

    / Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing

    Join Raman as he chats to Tom Ross from Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing about his varied career and the Covid mission.

  • Episode 103

    Industry insights you cannot afford to miss

    Ian Tzeng

    / L.E.K Consulting

    Ian Tzeng from L.E.K Consulting joins us to discuss 2023 trends and insights for CDMOs, CROs and pharma service firms operating in the life sciences sector.

  • Episode 102

    The puzzle-solving, lifelong science geek

    Claire Aldridge

    / Form Bio

    Join Claire Aldridge, CSO at Form Bio for a conversation about North Texas’ rise to becoming a biotech destination, immunologists going viral, and more.

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