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  • Episode 174

    The boomerang boy impacting gene therapies

    Andy Holt

    / Viralgen Vector Core

    Andy Holt, CCO at Viralgen VC, recently joined us, With over a decade of expertise, he has helped several CDMOs with their commercial growth.

  • Episode 173

    Taking on the biologics CDMOs from down under

    Mark W. Womack

    / BioCina

    Mark W. Womack joins the podcast to discuss his journey from the US Navy to a role in leadership and the motivations to move to Australia.

  • Episode 172

    A true nerd of CGT

    Bill Vincent

    / Genezen

    Bill Vincent, Founder of Genezen and independent consultant shares his journey with cell & gene therapy drug development.

  • Episode 171

    The virtual and decentralized clinical trials specialists

    Helen Shaw & Dan Henley

    / VCTC

    Dive into the entrepreneurial journey of VCTC with Helen Shaw and Dan Henley, co-founders of the UK’s leading virtual clinical trial site.

  • Episode 170

    Jumping into CDMO after a lifetime as a sponsor

    Bill Humphries

    / Alcami

    Bill Humphries, CEO at Alcami joins the podcast to discuss the importance of ‘force multiply’ in getting results and accelerating growth.

  • Episode 169

    Zero to a billion… A CDMO original – part 2

    Thomas Eldered

    / Flerie

    Thomas Eldered co-founded CDMO giant Recipharm AB; hear how he took part in the gene therapy revolution in biologics.

  • Episode 168

    Zero to a billion… A CDMO original – part 1 

    Thomas Eldered

    / Flerie

    Thomas Eldered, Executive Chairman at Felrie shares his story of co-founding CDMO giant Recipharm AB in 1995 and his vast career journey.

  • Episode 167

    Dan’s the man…at Custom Biologics

    Dan Mamelak

    / Custom Biologics

    Dan Mamelak discusses his career journey over the last 20 years and the book he read that changed it all.

  • Episode 166

    Celebrating female talent in life sciences

    Highlights episode

    / International Women's Day series

    Spotlighting the best of our International Women’s Day series, we go inside the outsourcing space covering M&A, COVID-19 & career progression.

  • Episode 165

    The power of peptides

    Alastair Hay

    / Almac Sciences

    Almac Group’s VP of Peptides, Alastair Hay, recently discussed how the company capitalized on early entry into the peptide market.

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