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Raman Sehgal hosts your favourite new podcast, Molecule to Market.

As an accidental agency owner, Raman landed in the pharma sector by chance at the age of 22 and was captivated by the intricacies of drug development. Today (almost 20 years on), your host is the proud founder and Global President of ramarketing, an international digital, design and content agency that supports companies in the industry’s outsourcing space.

As a busy professional and family man, Raman rarely has the time to sit and read, learning instead through podcasts while travelling, exercising, driving, and even grocery shopping. Imagining a podcast that served people working and interested in the life science and pharma sector Molecule to Market was conceived.

The podcast is continually evolving and now offers up guests, content, and takeaway learnings for professionals inside and outside the sector. Covering business skills, leadership themes, life lessons and more, each episode gives you a dose of sector insights, coupled with honesty and more often than not a little humour!

Tune in each week to hear Forbes contributor Raman, chat to his friends, connections, and inspiring guests from across the globe, and listen to this natural people-person as he charmingly coerces elite leaders into sharing the stories behind their career.

So, if you’re desperate for a shot of sector knowledge, grab your headphones and join us.

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